Arianne & Tim

Out of the many vendors we worked with for our wedding, Lukas was by far the most reliable, professional, and pleasant person we had the pleasure of working with. He was always quick to reassure us that the logistics of traveling to Seattle from the Czech Republic were taken care of, and we were never once concerned about his ability to follow through. Our wedding was fairly large (200 guests) and Lukas did an amazing job of being all inclusive of our guests, while at the same time focusing on those who were most important to the bride and groom. The attention to detail in his photos, his eye for color and perspective, and his overall ability to capture the moment in his photographs comprise a true gift. We give him our highest recommendation! Thank you, Lukas! You truly are the best!

Mirjam & Timothy

We chose Lukas as our wedding photographer because we were inspired by the emotions and energy in his pictures. Hiring a photographer without being on the same side of the world was a risk but everything worked out so well.The photo shoot was easy, relaxed and we really enjoyed that Lukas has an individual artistic eye that we could count on. We are very happy how our pictures turned out; Lukas did a wonderful job with the colors and with capturing the joy we felt that day. Thank you, Lukas!

Anche & Stepan

Our wedding wasn’t exactly ‘traditional’. We actually had two weddings – one was at the City hall and the other was in Prague, on the Vltava riverbank. We didn’t have any Czech traditions like horse-collars, broken plates or a shared bib. That’s why we didn’t want any traditional wedding pictures (such as ‘1000 different shots of the bride and groom’). We’re very satisfied with the resulting pictures (and with the wedding itself). The wedding was truly beautiful and so are Lukas’ pictures. Memories of that day won’t fade away thanks to his pictures. P.S.: EVERYONE looks great on the photos and that’s what counts!